Can you say ache? Shroom, my dad and I moved out all my stuff out of the apartment today (except for the many dust bunnies…thanks Shroom for pointing them out – our dust bunnies are made out of hair with dust particles attached at the end). Taking apart my desk wasn\’t as hard as I thought. At least it wasn\’t as hard as putting it together. But yes, I am finally out of the dreaded run-down apartment!

But I am homeless. :(

School is over for me! At least for now! :) Yes I just finished my last final today. Unfortunately due to only 5.5 hours of sleep, I was falling asleep during the first 2 hours. Fortunately, we were given an extra thirty minutes.

Who ever thought that computer science could put you to sleep? Not me!

Now to move out of my apartment…SHROOM!

Remind me never to be around frantic people right before a huge final. Then again, being that stressed made me study harder.

It wasn\’t that good when a girl came running in the lab five hours before the final screaming, \”I don\’t know anything!!!\”

I don\’t think I know anything either. :(

By the way, I burned my hands today with scalding hot water. I accidentally poured too much soup in my bowl. Then when I was carrying my bowl to my desk, some of the soup splashed onto my hands. But unlike most people, I did not scream. I ran cold water over my hands. Then throughout the day I had a towel doused in cold water to soothe the pain. Yeah that\’s why my CS notes were soggy, because I needed to put my towel down so that I could write. It doesn\’t hurt now though. :D

Thanks, WebMD!

Yes, it\’s the return of the Friday Five, because finally they have good questions. :)

1. What\’s the last vivid dream that you remember having?
Yesterday somehow I was dreaming about the-protagonist people, but I don\’t recall that much. I remember a dream where the sky was falling down. Or for that matter, truly tearing apart and parts of the sky was falling on fire. They had only space for only a tenth of the world\’s population. But at the last moment right before they thought the sky was going to start tearing, I realized I had forgotten something in my house. I ran back to get it, knowing that I was risking a lot. Suddenly as my sis and I were walking about the safety zone, the sky began falling. I realized I could die. That I wasn\’t as invinicible as I thought…

2. Do you have any recurring dreams?
Not that many. But there was two dreams that somehow repeated itself over a long period. The first one is about how I would to go to a small house on a hill to get a shot. The second one is about how I had to enter a funhouse to defeat a game. It was like a game with different levels and I had chances to die and relive again.

3. What\’s the scariest nightmare you\’ve ever had?
I had many scary dreams, but they aren\’t as scary people would thought. Some involve the death of my sister which would have been traumatic to me and I was vengeful. That I woke up crying. But there was one dream that I had when I was 11 years old. It wasn\’t exactly scary but it freaked me out. In my dream, the world population had grown too large that they had decided that it was necessary to reduce the population by random selection. Each selected person (didn\’t matter the age) would receieve a letter. I was 11 years old in my dream and I had receieved the letter for \”sucide\”. As a dutiful citizen, I went to a huge building where I found myself with the other selected. My family stood around me. Then the selected and I pressed a red button that we were all standing in front of. Then we vanished.

4. Have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? Why or why not?
I try when the dream was poignant. I used to use my dreams as inspiration for writing. Nowadays, I forget them too easily, because the first thing that I do when I wake up is check my cellphone. Then I forget.

5. Have you ever had a lucid dream? What did you do in it?
I can\’t remember a specific lucid dream, but I must have had one. It might have been in one of those dreams when I was a relative of the one of the Backstreet Boys. I was thinking…is this a dream…I hope so, because I don\’t want to be caught dead in this. Quite appropriately, I took advantage of the situation.

How annoying.

So Richard invited me to a study session. It was pretty good up until the point when Charles\’ roommate gave Austin a mini bong. Also up to the point when Sunny told Austin that a girl thought he was cute. Then the focus went out the window. They began talking about car washes with girls in bikinis. Cars. Smoking. Stuff that I could care less about. Gawd, they were so immature too. Somehow someone insulted Richard and he said aloud, \”Just for that…I\’lll…\”. Then he let out some gas. I don\’t know why that was significant, but it was so stupid. That was the point when I wished Sam was there…at least he could be sane despite the fact that I would be surrounded by guys…

By the way, I was pretty pissed off when I told them that I was leaving. They knew that I lived on Northside and that it would be a 30 minute walk from Charles\’ house to my place. In the dark. Of course, Richard the only one with a car at the time refused to take me back. Grrrr…

Yay, thanks to everyone who wished me a b-day! :D It made my day great! Heh, after my final I went with Karen and Yeh (and now I forgot his name…) to Steve\’s Korean BBQ – that oh so dreaded place. \’Twas fun.

Naim, my sis, Shroom, Stacee, Xing, Tram, Christina, all those wonderful people on Fantasy Log (yeah that includes you, Lele and Daynah), Seth, Yeh, Karen, okay forgot-his-name-again, David, Kevin, my two roommates, Calvin, Porter, my parents, Chris Anon., Lydia, Kristen, Sam , Becksa, Phona, Bunnywunny, Nadine, Chris O., Cheez, Tom Noodle Boy (but he was too shy to say it to me directly) and anybody else I forgot to mention!

Okay, I am such a braggart, but thank you to everyone for their presence…and…
(in order of appearance)

  • $100 from my grandparents
  • Bamboo Lamp (aka rice paper lantern)
  • two blog posts (from Lele and Daynah), heh, do they count?
  • Skittles and Kisses
  • Personal Belongings :)
  • flowers
  • a stuffed Mike from Monster\’s Inc
  • The Perfect Interview Book [erk?!]
  • four chinese [EDIT: JAPANESE] cheesecakes
  • free dinner :)
  • sour jelly belly beans
  • mango ice cream cake with an orbiting charged particle on it
  • music cd of asian music
  • Hmmm…sort of got half of my wish list

    It\’s my birthday today! *gives a donut just like what people at my dad\’s work do on their birthday* So right now, I have spent two long decades on this place called earth. :) So what do I get today? I get to take a final. :(

    Uh, yeah. I had to drag my sister to post her ninja picture at Fantasy Log. Just post! \”Post where?!\” You know…how you usually comment! \”How?!\” Scroll down! \”I don\’t see it! You do it!\” Heh, so I was about to, but she kinda got it…almost. :p Hehe, her ninja picture is so funnie! :)

    Go do your NINJA STYLE!!!