I received my first comment card of the year!

I was very impressed at the timeliness of the appointment; Jennifer called me
exactly on the hour to tell me that she would be a couple minutes late. You
guys are pros.

It almost sounded cynical.

I have a bias against HEATHERS

I found this among other things when I was cleaning out my hard drive (apparently there are things I haven\’t ever looked at or listened to when people send stuff to me through AIM. whoops)

It was this very short conversation that Cheez had and sent it in a htm file to me.

somegirlnamedheather: hi
cheez: hello
somegirlnamedheather: who is this
cheez: what? who are you
somegirlnamedheather: HEATHER
cheez: ok bye now then
somegirlnamedheather: BYE

This year working at the dorms has been the better of the two I have worked here.

Mostly because I have realized my potential for authority. Not only do I like the feeling of appreciation, but also the look of you can do anything to my computer if you say so.

Today I was helping this helpless asian guy that had misconfigured his internet connection, USB connections, and printer. I fixed all three problems in 18 minutes. I was thorougly amused when he looked at me in admiration. Like nearly everybody I have met this year, he went on to say, I don\’t know that much about computers. I am always surprised when people ask me how I learned how to troubleshoot computers. It\’s hard to answer that question. Most RCCs learned because they wanted to see how the inside of the computer looked like when they were 5 years old. I have heard some say they learned because they wanted to play games and thus, they figured out how to build the most optimal machine. As for me, I didn\’t know any computer gurus until I got to college. And even before that, I learned mostly from being just…logical. If the monitor is not working, go to the monitor properties. Simple as that. If the Internet connection is not working, check physical connection and check to see if ethernet settings are correct. DUH.

Then he fumbled his way to his refrigerator and offered me a drink. And better yet, he pulled the chair out for me as a gesture of appreciation. I think I almost saw him cry from happiness.

I think it\’s more of the feeling that they treat me like a GOD. Addiction. Treat me like a GOD, will ya?

Was thinking about the past a bit and I realized that I have recieved a total of three marriage proposals. But not the kind where someone goes down on one knee and presents a ring. The kind where we\’re just randomly chatting and then there\’s a pause. And then he asks almost half-serious, half jokingly Will you marry me? It was from three separate guys in the last four years. I have received three marriage proposals!!!

I feel kind of old.


I am currently blogging from the student lounge of Cheney Hall, one of the dorms in Berkeley, using the laptop I got from my User Interface class. Better yet, I am using a wireless connection that some resident had set up…without encryption. Which basically means that I am using up their allotted bandwidth of 5 gigs. Tsk tsk.

Hi, I am a leech!

I finally finished my photolog from last week and posted some random pictures on my photo album.

DAY LIST since I cannot possibly summarize what oh so exciting things happened to me today

  • woke up at 4 am by my sister who was leaving for San Diego WITH my integra
  • sniffle
  • my mom barged into my room at 7:30 am saying that it was 7:$5 am and that it was time to wake up
  • woke up at 8 am
  • returned to Berkeley, dropped all my stuff in my apartment
  • got to the Princeton Review practice LSAT on campus
  • proceeded to have a three hour long nauseating headache over logic games, reading passages and an essay
  • worked on a cs160 project with group
  • my fabulous ibm thinkpad laptop (yes i get a laptop because i take the class) died as it ran out of battery power
  • argued/debated/chatted with my group for 2.5 hours because SOMEONE was 30 minutes late
  • walked all the way to my apartment with one of my group members. she made me remember how bright-eyed, bushy-tailed i was coming out of high school
  • dropped off my stuff and proceeded to pull a guilt trip on Peggy
  • sat in Peggy\’s apartment and successfully convinced her to go to a party where she would only know a few people
  • we walked approximately a mile up a hill with me pulling her up every single step while she complained about the steepness and spiders that were inhabiting the side of the roads
  • Peggy went on to call the party a dry college party because simply most people there (including me) did not drink
  • I only like to eat the inside of sandwiches
  • Vikas teases me again for my fervor for blogging – she can\’t keep herself away from the computer that long!!!
  • I have to keep up with Vikas\’ brisk walking to keep up with him as we walk back with two other BBQ-goers
  • how did I get convinced to see Underworld…with SETH
  • yeah see above
  • my good friend Alex makes fun of this for awhile JAEGA MOLD THAT
  • I did get LELE\’s protag journal the other day. Was too lazy to take pictures though! But I liked the page that had a condom with the tagline extra sensitive for extra stimulation. Underneath, it said \”No comment, but he was good.\” I think Lele is just referring to her many desserts that Juanie bought for her.

    Omg, I am taking a practice LSAT tomorrow morning. WHY.

    I still am not very sure what I will be doing next year after I graduate. I will have a B.A. in cognitive science with an emphasis in computational modeling, but what good will that do. I don\’t have the ability to go into CS graduate school unless I am willing to \”show off\” my incompentence with a CS gre. Sigh sigh sigh.

    It\’s strange, because during my senior year of high school, I wasn\’t fearful about the future at all. Apply to a four year college? Easy. I didn\’t even have to think of what schools I wanted to apply to. I was so certain that they would accept me that I didn\’t even think twice. Easy. UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Davis. And now?

    What will I be doing this time next year?

    Who wants to get a $20 amazon gift certificate or $20 caffe strada? YEAH! I am doing research on people\’s opinions on location-based computing. And I need to conduct interviews (face-to-face, mind you) with people. And the former will be your reward.

    I did one with Seth. Apparently, it\’s always better to read the manual before using a new techy device. And it\’s always better to check to see if I am in the right mode when I am doing it.