Screw those idiots!

I am finally having a live talk show and we\’re looking for hosts/guests. Apply there or let me directly know. No experience needed. Only a broadband computer with a microphone!

Today, I went to the Alameda Food Bank for the fifth time in the last three years. Sometimes I feel that volunteering there is the best kind of volunteer job ever. If I wanted, it could be a social event–to get to know others while giving back to the community. Or if I wanted, it could be a time of reflection as I systematically smack labels on unmarked cans.

Then I got dragged to see Scary Movie 3. I still have yet to write my first review for OMG REVIEWS.

In an update to my last post, my sadism and cruelty always demonstrates itself. Don\’t say that I didn\’t warn you.

I want to wipe off all this fragnance that sprayed on me when I was walking through The Body Shop in Bay Street. I feel like a wilting rose.

Sometimes I really enjoy hanging out with my group for User Interfaces. They\’re all fun and a kick to be around.

BUT, they always procrastinate. And for obvious reasons, they can prattle for about 3 hours about how they too busy to work on the project. Yeah, that\’s the way it goes. Because I tend to prioritize everything the same (considering how I would schedule two events to happen on the same day. I have a huge project due tomorrow, sure I can go out to dinner with you.), I would often take the responsibility.

The same thing happens at work. Last year when we had workshops, I would usually be the first one to finish an outline of my presentation the day before while everyone else scrambled to finish just seconds before the workshop. Although by the workshop time, it would seem like everyone was aptly prepared…

Sometimes I 8 group projects.

In other news, I think I have lost a lot of brain cells along this path to pseudo-geekdom. Four years ago, I remember being able to write creatively. Never did I have an instance coming up with an eye-catching first line to an essay or paper. What\’s more is that I used to do so well at tests, especially those that tested memorization. So well that I got straight As in those classes. And now, I think…memorization 10 hours before the test. Surely, there must be something wrong. Deterioation in its best form. At least I still know the difference between you\’re and your

Signed up for three classes for my final and last semester today:

  • Philosophy of Language taught by Searle (the little old cauasian man that likes to brag about how he appeared on BBC talking about the chinese room problem)
  • Biological Psychology and Problems of Human Dysfunction – I would like to take social psychology, but alas
  • Experience and Interface Design for Engineers
  • Then I hope to add my research course as well as History of Boobs.

    Yesterday, my friend told me why she never goes on AIM anymore. In high school, she was a very avid user (much like how I am today). Like all high schoolers, she had a crush on a particular boy. But he submitted to the informality, unseriousness of AIM. He admitted to her online that the feelings were not mutual and he didn\’t like her anymore than a friend. Cowardness.

    And that basically drove her off AIM. She hasn\’t returned since and as a result lost touch with all her high school friends.

    I have done such cowardly acts online, although I prefer saying all my serious thoughts in person (although ultimately the majority of them fail to get accross as vividly and articulately as I do online). I would push my thoughts out on the keyboard, waiting for someone to respond back. I could wait 10 minutes before I had to read it. Let my computer go idle. But when will the moment happen that I don\’t click on that little orange man to load up that oh so familiar screen…suddenly populated by 40 screennames that don\’t im me? Just how long.

    In high school, I took a career test and discovered that I was a perfect fit for a…pathologist.

    Just on a whim, I took the one offered on and discovered that I am a perfect fit for a Food Service Manager and a Corporate Lawyer.

    My vacuum…has a bed of hair under it. Mostly mine. I think I lose more hair (the average is supposedly 50-100 strands a day) when I am stressed.

    But today, I walked out of my apartment with my hair uncombed, unbrushed. Just ran my fingers through it…once!


    I love what my sister wrote in her blogee:

    Now, prior to this puff of anger, I was sitting on the stupid Regents shuttle. I will demonstrate to you my level of madness. I was the only one on the shuttle and I dropped my calculator to the floor. I couldn\’t reach it so I had to get down to the floor on my knees and reach under the seat. I thought the driver was staring at my butt so then I began to fume, muttering phrases under my breath. Then what happens, my sunglasses go under, and down I go again. I come back up, flustered, and fumed louder. I started talking to myself with my ugly little hoarse voice, and it was brutal! I began thinking about boys and how so many of them in the past have irritated me with their stupid little hormones flying around my poor little self. I began envisioning myself with balls dangling from my necklace. What kind of balls you ask? The very epitome of masculinity, that is what? Am I brutal? No. Some boys just were meant to be deprived of their tiny precious jewels.

    Sniff, I feel so proud to be her older sister. You lady go lady!

    I won the Protagonist Avatar Contest for best design! And to that I get a sticker with my avatar on it.

    Notice how much alike the avatar is to me (minus the shoes and the bangs which I forgot to erase). Messy hair. The puka shell neckalace I always wear. A mole on the LIP! I am sure metaphorically I walk around in a barrel around all day with people tossing money at me.

    I owe my thanks to Lele who got me frustrated working at the foreign language doll-making sites that I started randomly clicking. When I was younger, I never played with dolls (besides having them fight, argue with each other). No wonder I didn\’t have much patience of trying on all the different outfits.

    Ona my profile on some site, I had answered the question you should get to know me because… you may never see me again.

    I really want to change the layout now, because when I am not reading the blog from the b2edit, it\’s tearing my eyes out. Yet I want to impress those people who take days to realize that the graphic has MICE in there and NOT GRAPES.

    A few weeks ago, a girl (to her guy friend) started singing Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way at the top of her lungs as I was waiting to cross the street. During the short-lived teeny bopper stage a few years ago, I was infatuated with some guy. I would sit at the computer talking to him, playing that song over and over again. It was those times when I would go to sleep with flushed cheeks and wake up the next morning thinking that life…for once…is good. Pressing repeat every time it ended, sometimes catching it after it went on to the next song. When I listened to that one song, this is exactly how i feel right this is how i feel about someone. And I listened to it during the last stage of our pseudo-relationship…listened to the chorus of BSB members sing I want it that way as we argued over the philosophy of life. It\’s strange how I look back and discard these times almost with embarassment. So when I heard that girl singing that song, I found myself humming along, I never wanna hear you say….

    Next song, please.

    When I woke up today, I had a massive headache and my eyes hurt as a result of last night (not a direct cause of the party, mind you).

    And that\’s how I went to see Michael Moore talk at the Greek Theatre.

    It took nearly an hour to get everyone inside the theatre. The sun made it sweltering. Gina, Xing and I had to sit at near the top on stone benches. I hadn\’t eaten anything substantial since 3 pm the day prior. So I spent $2 on chips and $2 on a drink. Eninem played on the loudspeakers. I wonder if Michael Moore choose that song in particular.

    It was absolutely great to hear someone so left-wing speak to a crowd of Berkeleyians.

    During a press conference before the talk, someone had asked him How do you like preaching to a choir?

    That\’s right. Because almost every five minutes during the talk (to 5000+ audience, this show was sold out three days ago!), someone would scream MICHAEL MOORE FOR PRESIDENT!

    He read a chapter from his book Dude, Where\’s My Country where God speaks about the mess He could not prevent, namely the DUBBA administration. Michael Moore also talked about the war in Iraq as well as all the stupid white men prancing around in this country we called USA.

    It was so good that I think I want to splurge $27.01 for his book.