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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

Excessive Gaming May Lead to Loss of Friends

Hey. Doesn\’t that sound familiar?

For me? Mind games? :D

For some reason lately, I just…hate…being used. Okay, maybe I am acting like an azn bish, but still! Like some people, I do not want to be contacted for purely technical reasons. Hey I need help with my computer! YO COMPUTER GIRL! Simpy because out of habit, I will start researching some futile topic for nearly 30 minutes to help someone. Or worse yet. When I am completely busy with my own finals, someone calls me up to get help on a course that I did very well in…I would happy to help if that someone would contact me for other reasons besides this obligation of help.

Is this the end of the beginning? Or just…the beginning of the end?

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

A few days ago, my dad accused me of bringing home cranberry juice that was 2 months expired. Hey, how can someone my size finish an extra large bottle of juice that my mom just had to give me?

You almost killed your sister!!! he yelped when my sister found a small piece of mold in her cup of juice. He shook his head as he pointed his finger at me.

It was a very odd moment, because a few days later…

My sister had become a sumo wrestler and I was a firey Godzilla. We know the non-humans always lose.

Monday, December 29th, 2003

I have bad habits of reuniting myself with the past. Especially a \”bad\” past.

Ever since my summer internship in Santa Clara, I had been preoccupied with (accidentally) running into my ex at J. Crew at the Valley Fair mall (located more than an hour from my house). Apparently, I didn\’t plan what I was going to do or say once I met with him.

My friend and I waltzed into the store. Then I saw him. Longer hair and still he exuded the personality that I never could see myself with. He apparently spotted me, but I spun on my heel pretending to browse a rack of expensive, fake cashmere sweaters. So I eventually had to take the adult approach and went over to say hi.

Monday, December 29th, 2003

I learned the difference between gloves and mittens today. That is a very important lesson, especially when trying to tell the cashier that you left a pair of mittens in the cafe the other night…when they were actually very expensive gloves.

On a side note, I am trying to figure out if I really have a conscience. It seems like the things I do…I just do them almost without emotion. It almost seems like I am acting, because I don\’t really care. One person was right. I always like to take the path that is far from the norm, despite the fact that I would have to sacrifice something I \”want\”. But the fact is, I wake up each morning, not quite remembering what I did the previous night.

How do you react when someone interrupts you while you\’re with someone and asks, Can I talk to you for a second?

Sunday, December 28th, 2003

Only 1 out of my 5 detailed plans in the last month have been executed gracefully. Plans don\’t always go the way you would think.

Presence have always been greater than presents for me. Yet now, at 3 am, I am trying to come up with a Christmas gift for a friend. I have been worrying about this gift for the entire week since she first told me she was getting me something for xmas. Surely, this means I have to think of something for her. I know I don\’t want to give some girly thing like candles or bath/body. Then I considered giving her webhosting, but then I knew she wasn\’t into blogging. Tacky? She\’s working already so she has already entered the realm of expensive gift-giving. As for me still the poor college student, what to give? Perhaps, presence is the best thing to give.

Friday, December 26th, 2003

I received approximately $250 for Christmas from my grandparents. Should I
a) save and invest
b) give to charity
c) buy a mp3 player for myself *cough* *cough*
d) purchase that omg totally expensive laptop that will wipe out my checking account and omg i will be broke for several months omg?
e) be generous and spend it on friends and family

By the way, I really loved Zelda\’s answer to my question a few days ago:
just the card, no signature. they can look at the postmark if they want to know who it\’s from.

Because this way, they can send their holiday wishes to someone else the following year! And they wouldn\’t know the difference! It\’s the thought that counts right?

Thursday, December 25th, 2003

Despite my path toward Scroogeness this year, I give you all a
Happy HO^3!!!

I will wake up later today to a non-snowy Califorian Christmaday. Then run downstairs to our semi-decorated tree (i don\’t know why we don\’t have any lights on our faux tree that costed only $8 from Michaels which is missing about two whole branches). A Christmas dinner with just my dad and my sister. My mom will be at work getting her usual Xmas (free) dinner provided by the hospital. Then because we have nothing to do on Xmas, we will be taking a trip to Walmart. Then I will make one or two phone calls. Then I want to take a live xmas pine tree from the tree lots.

Merry Christmas, y\’all!

EDIT: My bah humbug just flew away. My sister got me the entire set of Michael Moore books. Dude, where\’s my country!!! Despite the fact that his books and movies are obviously biased (where are his sources for his statistics???), I feel much more spirited and much more…Michael Mooreish! :D I\’ll just like to mention how my sister and I have gone to the mall not once, not twice, but thrice in the last few days. Mostly to either buy stuff for ourselves or return things that we bought earlier. Personally, I can\’t stand the thought of buying someone a thoughtless generic Xmas gift. Indeed, today at a way too expensive Christmas eve Chinese dinner ($40/person), my grandfather (dad\’s side) and my step-grandmother gave us a box of gourmet cookies. You know, the store-bought kind. The cookies are better than the fruitcake they used to get us for Xmas. However, my (mom\’s side) grandmother got cookies as well and immediately gave it to us once they turned their back. Eh.

Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

Every year since I was 17, I fill out a \”survey\” as the year approaches December 31. Here, I describe my favorites, my status, etc. Then I store it away in a pseudo time capsule not to be opened until the following year.

Four years ago, I listed 12 people as my friends. Out of those 12, I only consider one as my friend today.

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

Is it better to send a Christmas card with just your signature or a Christmas card with three superficial paragraphs?

Sunday, December 21st, 2003

Tutoring a high school student has reminded me how…\”easy\” high school was. I learned all the material on the spot. How to write the equations for ellipses and hybolas. The only thing I couldn\’t do succintly was Lewis structures of chemical compounds.

But reading the book, I realized how much my study habits have improved. If I was to return to high school, I would be that student sitting with the teacher during break, lunch or after school going over the material that I didn\’t understand. I would be the one bugging all my peers about the hardest problems. Most of all, I would…*gasp* actually do the homework.