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Sunday, February 29th, 2004

Indian cialis generic I am now the proud \”owner\” of!

Indian cialis generic CONGRATULATE ME!!!!

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Sunday, February 29th, 2004

Viagra online ordering The domo-kuns return!!!

Viagra online ordering Sometimes I just want to be a little alien (that looks so cute) who has a permanent look of anger and passes WIND when upset. Viagra online ordering Life would be simple that way, viagra online ordering huh?

Viagra online ordering Last week, viagra online ordering I had been in anxiety about my philosophy paper. Viagra online ordering The first philosophy class I took at cal (two years ago) was surprisingly difficult. Viagra online ordering It was one of those classes which I entered (almost pompously) thinking that the class would be ridiculously easy. Viagra online ordering Unfortunately, viagra online ordering it was quite the opposite. Viagra online ordering It was the only class I have ever taken that I almost fell into the C range. Viagra online ordering So my current philosophy of language class, viagra online ordering I was fretting about whether my \”tips appreciated\” paper would get that mark as well. Viagra online ordering And…to my shock (and delight), viagra online ordering I got an A! :D

Viagra online ordering It reminds me of my \”friend\” paper from last year\’s Mind and Language class…

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Saturday, February 28th, 2004

Pfizer soft viagra I had a practice videotaped interview today. Pfizer soft viagra Apparently, pfizer soft viagra I am so critical of myself that most people didn\’t agree with the majority of my self-criticisms. Pfizer soft viagra I believed that I slur my words together too much but others didn\’t.

Pfizer soft viagra One of my friends was doing the workshop with me and when we were watching the video of someone who (obviously) didn\’t interview well. Pfizer soft viagra She kind of made a noise (almost like she was laughing). Pfizer soft viagra Bad manners! The guy didn\’t make that much of an acknowledgement. Pfizer soft viagra But the only reason I am blogging is…is because my friend was quite embarassed and I just want to put it somewhere where it\’s PERMANENT..FOREVER!!!

Pfizer soft viagra I always mean half of the time I joke. Pfizer soft viagra Maybe even more than that.

Pfizer soft viagra That\’s why I take people\’s joking partially seriously. Pfizer soft viagra They must have believed their joke enough to say it.

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Friday, February 27th, 2004

Discount phentermine viagra Boys are like soap. Discount phentermine viagra You feel so good after using them. Discount phentermine viagra Yet if you drop them, discount phentermine viagra they keep slipping away beyond your sight.

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004

Pc100 viagra My special pencil of 3 years has…died. Pc100 viagra I guess mechanical pencils weren\’t supposed to last that long under the intense pressure of writing…from me. Pc100 viagra Recently, pc100 viagra this pencil has been leaking oil from me squeezing the plastic rubber grip so hard. Pc100 viagra So I bought a new pencil yesterday (along with an expensive very-thin textbook for $50). Pc100 viagra This one has lifetime warranty. Pc100 viagra Note to self, pc100 viagra if pencil breaks, pc100 viagra send request (postage paid) to attn: QA Department, pc100 viagra Pentel of America, pc100 viagra Ltd., pc100 viagra 2805 Columbia St., pc100 viagra Torrance, pc100 viagra CA 90509

Pc100 viagra Hey isn\’t that where my former BF was from?

Pc100 viagra Yesterday, pc100 viagra my friend (easily) convinced me to attend the data auction for the Movement (yes, pc100 viagra the dance organization of Berkeley that sent 6 girls to dance with William Hung – see my Google-popular post). Pc100 viagra So reliably bidded for him when he went on the stage. Pc100 viagra Twenty dollars for cleaning! :D It\’s amazing how generous I am when a friend asks me to donate to somewhere. Pc100 viagra But it\’s even more amazing how stingy I am spending money for myself.

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

Research on viagra Rainy day! Last night, research on viagra I couldn\’t sleep well due to the heavy rainstorm. Research on viagra Since my bed is right next to the window, research on viagra the heavy rain drops woke me up. Research on viagra Pouring!

Research on viagra Yet by the time I woke up for class, research on viagra the rain had only become a trickle. Research on viagra And by the time my class was over, research on viagra rain had stopped completely. Research on viagra So it goes right?

Research on viagra Went to the career fair today and I only returned with a small cylinder of…blue PLAY-DOH (and about 10 different pens splattered with a company logo). Research on viagra I fumbled my way through Microsoft (again), research on viagra Amazon (again), research on viagra Informatica, research on viagra Ipsh, research on viagra Mann Consulting…but this time more prospects than the previous fairs I have attended. Research on viagra There is something seriously wrong with the campus recruiting system since they won\’t allow people like me (graduating in may but attending graduate school in the fall) to find a summer internship. Research on viagra How annoying.

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

Cheap viagra Three for three! I got accepted to RPI.

Cheap viagra RPI, cheap viagra however, cheap viagra is one of my least favorite schools. Cheap viagra They don\’t offer much research for the IT program I applied to. Cheap viagra In addition, cheap viagra my dad is trying to encourage me to go…just because RPI is a private school (and may give endowments???) Finally, cheap viagra I am reluctant to even try to go to RPI for the fact that my supervisor last year (whom I had a \”conflict\” with) currently attends that school for his graduate studies.

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

Buy viagra no prescription I feel…lost.

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

Viagra viagra nude I really want to redo my site. Viagra viagra nude Just so that I don\’t look like another tennybopper who designs a site that isn\’t great to the eyes, viagra viagra nude small text, viagra viagra nude and annoying animation (although I still love the idea of my blinking cursor *BLINK* *BLINK*) There\’s always my stolen layout or the no-frills layout I made specifically for Rekuytn.

Viagra viagra nude Today, viagra viagra nude I went for a walk to the Ed-psych library intending to finish my assignment due on Tuesday. Viagra viagra nude (I would just like to say that one of my friends messed up my procrastination by telling me it was due this Thursday…) The air was somewhat refreshing, viagra viagra nude but not. Viagra viagra nude I dropped by a campus bookstore to finally buy the text for one of my classes. Viagra viagra nude Unfortunately, viagra viagra nude they only had new copies which was upwards to $40 for something that was ridiculously thin. Viagra viagra nude I walked around the book for about 5 minutes, viagra viagra nude fingering the clothes they had on the rack. Viagra viagra nude Five minutes until closing time, viagra viagra nude I put the book back on the shelf and walked out the store, viagra viagra nude empty-handed. Viagra viagra nude And going back to my apartment, viagra viagra nude past a couple that was trying figure out where to eat and past a group of girls giggling over the latest event in their life. Viagra viagra nude A homeless bum calling out, viagra viagra nude \”Ladies, viagra viagra nude spare a dime?\” And walking past the well-lighted dining commons full of gaggling freshmen.

Viagra viagra nude It seems as though my life is going toward the quarter-life crisis phase (or drain). Viagra viagra nude I have watched so many movies. Viagra viagra nude I am a drama queen. Viagra viagra nude I know how to start things and I know how to end things. Viagra viagra nude Yet how do you manage what goes in between?

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004

Online url viagra Without any homework assignments or project deadlines approaching, online url viagra I always feel compelled just to sleep early. Online url viagra There\’s nothing stopping me. Online url viagra There\’s nobody keeping me up to talk. Online url viagra No forums to check. Online url viagra No new blog/journal entries to read. Online url viagra Just that there is nothing to do.

Online url viagra Four years ago, online url viagra I thought 11 pm was a late time to sleep. Online url viagra Now it\’s early. Online url viagra And I go to bed feeling that I still have unfinished business, online url viagra but I don\’t want to keep moping about something that can\’t resolve itself that easily.

Online url viagra Tomorrow is the last episode of Sex and the City! I have only been recently getting into that show. Online url viagra And unfortunately, online url viagra I realized how unrealistic it is. Online url viagra Surely, online url viagra the display of sexual appetite is not enough for a real relationship. Online url viagra To this day, online url viagra I have yet to see someone act that suave as trying to pick up someone. Online url viagra Maybe I am in the wrong town?