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Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Generic cialis soft tabs It must have been asked before (since it’s all over the web).

Generic cialis soft tabs Do vegetarians (or even vegans) eat animal crackers?

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Copycat viagra “Was the service ok? How is the food?” our server asked as we were leaving, copycat viagra not having touched the bill tray yet.

Copycat viagra It was about a $35 meal including tax—ordering about 4 sushi rolls. Copycat viagra We responded obliviously, copycat viagra “Yeah, copycat viagra it was good…”

Copycat viagra Somehow I sensed there was a different intention than a polite question. Copycat viagra The server continued “You left only $3 which is not even 10%.”

Copycat viagra “Well, copycat viagra did we make a mistake? Ok, copycat viagra we did make a mistake.” I broke in, copycat viagra realizing that there was some miscalculation on our part but feeling a growing sour taste. Copycat viagra I pulled out two dollars from my wallet and handed it to the server. Copycat viagra I paused for a second wondering if I should apologize, copycat viagra but instead I walked out of the restaurant.

Copycat viagra And for some reason, copycat viagra the three of us felt like we wouldn’t return to the restaurant for awhile.

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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Low cost viagra At what point is there a need for more than one bathroom?

Low cost viagra Two people and one bathroom works, low cost viagra but more than that, low cost viagra it becomes questionable. Low cost viagra Unlike most people, low cost viagra I am a night showerer. Low cost viagra And usually it works with most roommates. Low cost viagra But sometimes when you gotta go, low cost viagra you really gotta go. Low cost viagra In my last apartment in Berkeley, low cost viagra I always had a backup plan. Low cost viagra The dorms were across the street. Low cost viagra The campus was only a few blocks away.

Low cost viagra While in New York, low cost viagra I share a hotel room with 7 girls. Low cost viagra I went downstairs to the lobby regularly that week. Low cost viagra A temporary solution perhaps.

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Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Natural viagra As I scheduled user studies last week for during the day, natural viagra I wondered how most people made it. Natural viagra To a 11 am, natural viagra a 1 pm, natural viagra or a 3 pm user study. Natural viagra Did they work? Were they unemployed? Were they just students? Retired. Natural viagra Most of all, natural viagra what are they doing that they have time to take a user study?

Natural viagra I don’t ask that question, natural viagra but one guy did.

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Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Order viagra no prescription A friend said that when he turned 25, order viagra no prescription he figured out who his true friends were. Order viagra no prescription The ones who would stay for awhile.

Order viagra no prescription Which is interesting.

Order viagra no prescription Being a bit oversensitive, order viagra no prescription I have always struggled with this definition. Order viagra no prescription With a history of burning bridges and ease of making new bridges, order viagra no prescription what is it then? A former friend once said she would be there for anyone if they asked for help. Order viagra no prescription But in reality, order viagra no prescription most people are too humble to ask for help. Order viagra no prescription I would rather flounder and drown than to ask for help even at my weakest. Order viagra no prescription And perhaps then a friend has the responsibilty to sense the drowning and not assume all is ok when one says “I am fine” when there are sounds of gasps of air.

Order viagra no prescription “Be there” from me comes out passively as “Can you come?” And despite the passive aggression, order viagra no prescription I just don’t want to intrude or be an inconvenience. Order viagra no prescription Because in some sense, order viagra no prescription I don’t need you to be there. Order viagra no prescription I just want you to be there. Order viagra no prescription And in this society, order viagra no prescription we can’t make requests for wants.

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

What does viagra look like When I am running dual monitors from my powerbook, what does viagra look like I have the external monitor set to a wallpaper of a purple jelly monster roaming a city of white stick people.

What does viagra look like There were two job interviews where I presented accidentally displaying the purple jelly monster wallpaper on the projector when I plugged in my laptop. What does viagra look like At one job interview, what does viagra look like the people present were amused and laughed as I apologized for the wallpaper’s appearance. What does viagra look like I got an offer. What does viagra look like At the other job interview, what does viagra look like nobody said anything and so I make a joke about how that wallpaper accidentally appeared. What does viagra look like I didn’t get an offer.

What does viagra look like Granted, what does viagra look like there was probably more than the wallpaper that got me through the interview. What does viagra look like But perhaps the purple jelly monster roaming the streets matched a whimiscal personality I seeked in my next opportunity. What does viagra look like But ultimately, what does viagra look like I still wonder if that one wallpaper determined my fate in those interviews. What does viagra look like One for the better and one for the worse? First impressions.

What does viagra look like Although I didn’t take that offer, what does viagra look like I don’t think I would have been happy with a place that didn’t find a purple jelly monster incredibly amusing.

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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Cialis online without prescription I am now no longer in my early twenties. Cialis online without prescription They say it’s quite often an achievement to reach 25 years. Cialis online without prescription After all, cialis online without prescription it’s a quarter of the century!

Cialis online without prescription And now, cialis online without prescription I can actually rent a car without paying extra fees! Finally an extra age hurdle I can overcome!

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Monday, May 21st, 2007

Cialis brand One popular cancelled series was Freaks and Geeks. Cialis brand I loved it…but not as much as the fairly undiscovered Boomtown.

Cialis brand When I first remet Chris mid last year, cialis brand we both discovered that we liked the series. Cialis brand It barely had a second season and was cancelled midway through. Cialis brand At the time, cialis brand Boomtown was my first cop/law show. Cialis brand I never had watched Law and Order. Cialis brand Never had seen a single episode of CSI or NYPD Blue. Cialis brand And the originality struck at me. Cialis brand Perspectives. Cialis brand And the great title show theme with scenes of the real world.

Cialis brand And moreover, cialis brand it had the old NKOTB. Cialis brand Donnie Wahlberg, cialis brand fresh from a stint in the Sixth Sense.

Cialis brand Chris gave me the first season on DVD for xmas and I only started watching it on my grand old projector with stereo sound.

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Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Viagra pill I joined the blue hats, viagra pill walked more than 7.5 miles, viagra pill woke up at 7:30 am, viagra pill sanctioned various people (especially the nude), viagra pill got nearly run over several times by various trucks, viagra pill wore nerd glasses, viagra pill detected radiation, viagra pill called the attorney general on my phone, viagra pill and basically observed…but not interfered.

Viagra pill All today. Viagra pill

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Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Viagra next day After my tea party for my upcoming birthday (mmmm…tea), viagra next day I went to the local thrift store with Chris and he was overcome with serendipitous discoveries.

Viagra next day As we wandered the upstairs, viagra next day we came across the toy area preparing for our costume for Bay to Breakers Then we came across the book section where Chris came across a mint copy of Harry Potter for less than a $1. Viagra next day Then the board games…and then the artwork, viagra next day the photos, viagra next day the furniture.

Viagra next day And about an hour later, viagra next day we struggled downstairs with our load. Viagra next day Spending less than $30 (including tax) and waddled our way back to my apartment. Viagra next day It’s cheaper than spending money at a garage sale where things may be priced at $10. Viagra next day But at this particular thrift store, viagra next day new things come in all the time. Viagra next day And most of it is often high quality and clean.

Viagra next day But besides the ugly sweaters I bought there for my holiday party last year, viagra next day I still have yet to convince myself to peruse the clothing selection.

Viagra next day And then I always think, viagra next day the dishes, viagra next day the cups and the silverware…I am ok with using it at restaurants why am I reluctant to have the same in my home? The fact of the matter is…we know the owners and we have trouble dealing with something when the ownership is almost..unclear.