BTW, if you didn\’t know JACK below means a Jack-in-the-box meal. I don\’t get why SoCalers are so fantasized with Jack in the Box.

I\’d settle for an In \’N Out anytime. That is, if there\’s one near Berkeley.

Same goes for Krispy Kreme.

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  1. oooh. i was wondering about JACK. could mean so many things. yes, in \’n out is definitely better. the closest one is in pleasenton (i know i spelt that wrong) gr. the last time i ate there was october i think (also gr). there\’s some great fast food burger place in socal that we don\’t have here. forget the name of the place though.

  2. mmmmm……burgers! What\’s sad is that here in Texas we don\’t have any of those things, except in the larger cities. I\’d kill to have a Jack in the Box here in Abilene, and I\’d blow something up for a Krispy Kreme. My university imports Krispy Kreme donuts and sells them on campus as a fundraiser (and they make a hell of a lot of money off of me. :) )

  3. Jack in the Box is a good place =P i also like In n out except the fries suck down here and in Pleasanton… hmmm i like Carls jr spicy chicken sandwiches… ^_^ 99 cents a sandwich… that\’s good eating

  4. Nooooooo the closest one is in San Ramon! Closest Krispy Kreme from Berkeley is like…30 minutes away in Union City. :p

  5. There are no Jack in the Boxes here in michigan… That\’s fine by me, although i\’ve never eaten at one so i wouldnt know. however, Kispy Kreme is teh PWN. nothing beats their plain glazed. hot. and glazed. yum.

  6. *dies* how can there be no jack in the box somewhere!? and herb, THE FRIES ARE GOOD. well, the extra crispy ones when they make them right anyway.

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