I have attended a total of five long graduation ceremonies. Today was the last one–my friend\’s Math department commencement. My mom was being all motherly in the morning and forced me to eat something before I went, which made me very late. But I got to Zellerbach Hall just as they were starting the handing out of the scrolls. Surprisingly, the dean not only called out the graduate\’s name but also the graduate\’s plan for the future. It was something personal, but probably something possible since math is so small.

In high school, I put \”drummer in LA\” as my intended profession. But probably now in my own desire to be the best, I would put the truth. The irony, right? Pursuing a masters degree in human computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University One girl put, learn how to drive a stick shift.

My parents plan to buy a car soon since the 88 Acura Legend isn\’t faring that well. They\’re thinking of a Toyota Corolla. Model LE. Their plan is that when I return from Pittsburgh (if I ever return to California which is my plan…but we all know how our plans can change so suddenly on us) that…the Toyota will be my car. Who knows. And yet a few years ago, I was trapped in the paradox of i can\’t get a job without a car. I can\’t get a car without a job. What if the economy is still the same in 2 years?

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