My parents finally bought a new car today with their hard negoitation tactics and ended up paying $14900 before taxes, etc. A Toyota Corolla LE. My dad had to leave the buying earlier and left the rest with my mom. We were to say no to any of the extras. But somehow the guy was able to convince my mom and me that we just had to get the alarm system. He was able to evoke my memories of my friends\’ stolen cars in Berkeley…that I said that I would pay an extra $100. My mom had wanted to just pay $100, which was supposed to turn the salesman away. And somehow he relented (possibly fake) and we found ourselves with an alarm system which we paid for $350. The problem was, later, I realized that my parents are technologically illiterate. And the random honks annoyed them. Not to mention, I didn\’t know if they could figure out how to turn the system off temporarily for the mechanics or valet.


The car is meant for me…after I return from Carnegie Mellon. That would be either 1-2 years from now. But then…who knows?

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  1. oh, duh. THAT\’s why u want direct flights to pittsburgh. disregard my previous dumb comment.

    yay for corollas. even though i\’m sick of mine and i want a bigger car.

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