And finally, my grad pictures!

And the truth of it all. Even when I try my best, I always ended up with a B. I have only gotten one C in Berkeley (and that wasn\’t because of my academics–the professor accused a friend and me of cheating, thus we failed the final…otherwise I would have gotten of course…a B). Berkeley is for B. In high school, I thought a B equaled bad. But worst of all is when you hear a graduate admission official say, \”An A at Hayward State [one of the lesser schools in California] is better than a B at Berkeley.\” And no matter how hard you try, you end up with a B.

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  1. ugh, sounds like my highschool… we were a government school, but it was academically selective, and ugh. it was bloody hard some times to stay afloat..

  2. YAY pics.. I should put mine up too.. if only my brother had not left for florida w/ his laptop on Monday!@#$

  3. not by blood! alan\’s dad is the brother of my uncle who married my dad\’s sister

  4. hi Jenn, just passing thru. i like ur bright blog here. and congrats on graduating :)

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