*sob* So I studied a lot for the EE midterm. More than I would have for any other test. Yet after taking it, I was almost ready to cry. Sad…sad…sad.

Argh, frusturation. Strangely enough though, my dad told me about how he took a lot of engineering classes in college (bioengineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering…) and the only time he ever got a B was in an electrical engineering class. I guess it runs in the family. :p

Now I know that I was made to be a software engineer and not a hardware engineer.

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  1. Well, if that class is anything like Intermediate Accounting II for us accounting majors, then I know exactly how you feel. Had it last semester, and it was my first (and only) C in college. Turns out it was my dad\’s only C too when he went through the same course track 25 years ago.

    *shrug* Funny how things turn out sometimes.

  2. :O(((

    I know the feeling. Doesn\’t it just suck? All the hard work seems to go no where. But it\’ll go somewhere, someday, maybe. :P

    But lets cross our fingers and hope the class average is low! Maybe they\’ll do some scaling :P

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