Even though I had 10 hours of sleep, I still was able to twist my ankle today. Although this time it wasn\’t because of bad shoes or bad coordination. This time it was because of BAD INTERFACE. I was walking out of the old student center, the exit on the bottom floor and opened the door. It was very bright outside so I assumed that the door opened straight to a level surface. Instead, as I took a step outside and suddenly I found myself sprawled on the ground. Apparently the door opened into one single stair with no sign that said \”WATCH OUT\”.

Before that, I was thinking what a great day it was. That even though I got up late (at noon), I was still able to go to the Technical Opportunities Conference (career fair @ cmu) and talk to a few companies. Dropped off my resume. Then was able to squeeze out some hints from the TAs for the stat hw. Then I fell.

Oh and right now my bed collapsed. I finally put the screws in.

Our house is finally getting a new fridge after I hassled the maintenance person who came to fix our toilets today (I guess they didn\’t want to respond to our earlier fridge requests). But with a broken fridge comes no ice. I have only 3 pieces of ice now in a plastic bag over my ankle now…which I put on my newly constructed file cabinet with a tempered glass top.

It has been exactly one month since I left Berkeley. Tomorrow marks the day since I left California. How much has changed since? Everything is almost the same. But. Relationship-wise, it isn\’t the same. Not that kind of relationship. But it took almost one month to realize how dependent I was on feelings and attachment to people. It took that long to discover that I can be happy by myself. I can be happy with hours of music and myself. But yesterday, my sister made a good point. Memories are supposed to be times of remembrance. For awhile, I had detested how I go through my photo album and found picturess of people I never spoke to anymore. And how at the moment that the picture was taken, we were oblivious to what was going to happen to our friendship. But pictures and that kind of memory is supposed to be a capture of once-upon-a-time happiness. It\’s no regret for the future, but rather it\’s contentment that it happened.

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