For everything that is strange and weird to me here, everything in California is strange to people here in Pittsburgh. Example: I have always complained about the back doors on the Pittsburgh buses. That is, I have to yell \”back door\” to get the bus driver to open the back door. Otherwise, I have to run toward the front so that I could get off. Yesterday, I overheard the bus driver talking to a passenger…about how he thought the back doors in other cities were so weird. The fact that the bus driver didn\’t open and close the back door. But if people get on from the back? asked the bus driver Well duh, the back door only opens in one way. But what if someone rides from one side of the city to the other, aren\’t they supposed to be pay extra? And for this, I thought this was really weird that going from one zone to another costed extra…

Another odd thing I find strange about Pittsburgh is that cars don\’t yield to pedestrians. If I am crossing the street, I expect cars to just sort of…slow down. But here, I almost got run over. The other day, I overheard how someone was so surprised that in San Francisco, a car came screeching down the hill and halted right in front of him so that he would cross.


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  1. What! They don\’t stop for peds… I thought there was a legal obligation to. Don\’t tell me that\’s a state law!

  2. in the east coast you mean? What I mean is that cars aren\’t as nice on the east coast. When I cross the street, the cars taking a right turn often drive right in front of me. Or if a car is making a left turn yield past me, the cars behind that car start honking out of impatience. Why? Not common in california.

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