ALEX D. called me a biohazard. Even though he corrected himself later saying that he was referring to the house as a biohazard…we all know what he really thinks.

It has almost been 14 days since I got sick. It\’s annoying, because whenever I speak, I can\’t talk for more than a minute without coughing. I wanted to go jogging today, but when I was running after the bus, I realized that would be an unwise decision. I can count about five people who have said that they\’re afraid of spending too much time with me. :) But all good things have trade-offs.

But other than that. I am proud about being a walking, coughing biohazard.

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  1. Again, despite your whining…:-D
    I will remind you: This is gonna last a looooong time. Even though I\’m not sick anymore, I still cough about once every hour or two. The frequency is lessening though.
    One must wonder if these bugs are natural or the results of some sick experiments done by researchers.

  2. That is correct. Janette Fong misrepresented what I said. When you were hosting the toga party, and we couldn\’t make it because of a project, I said well on the bright side, 2/3 of the women that live in that house are getting over the flu. It is probably better that we don\’t go because that house seems like a virtual bio-hazard.

    I\’m glad the record had been set straight now. HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER JENN!

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