I am so addicted to 24. Just the complete first season. After missing out on the sale at amazon, I got up at 6 am and got my dvd box at Best Buy on Friday. Then I waited in line for almost an hour just to buy it. Of course, that set me back on my other adventures at other stores. And unfortunately, this year the BF was disappointing.

My dad however left a message on my sister\’s voicemail at 5:30 am, saying that he was standing outside Sears to receive his $10 gift card in 30 minutes and asked if we were up yet. :)

That same night, my sister and I went with her friend to this club/bar/restaurant in pacific beach in SD. Unlike my previous clubbing experience at Club X in SF, this turned out to be ok. PB Bar & Grill turned out to be the place to be for twenty-somethings. It was annoying that because it was just us 3 girls, random guys would start trying to intervene. Just to get some action. But that\’s the way it works right. At one point though as my sister and I were trying to direct some dirty guy away (we pointed in the opposite direction, motioning for him to DANCE OVER THERE), two bouncers came over and escorted him away. Nice.

I also like to drink tea.

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