Discount airlines have become so common that we start wondering why legacy airlines are still around. Why are the classic airlines still charging such high prices when Southwest and Jetblue can get the job done cleaner and cheaper? Is it because Southwest, for example, has open seating and does not serve anything on board besides a bag of pretzels and a beverage?

Maybe there is something I am missing in the business model,

So what about discount cruises? I have been on Royal Carribean and Carnival. Both were extremely pleasant experiences, where someone changed our sheets twice a day, left a mint on our pillow, with towel bunnies…us experiencing high class meals, views, and simply \”luxury\”. easyCruise just started earlier this year, based in the UK. Its cabins are completely minimalist and room service is extra (you have to pay for sheet change, etc.) Of course, now food is not included with the cruise price. The ship only sails during the night so its passengers can enjoy the day at each destination. It\’s geared toward a younger generation, that is willing to sacrifice luxury for an experience.

But then, how much would I sacrifice for a low rate? Apparently, easyHotel is built around the same model. A room with no windows, no phone, no storage facilities. Simply a private bathroom and a bedrom (with only a bed). No desk. There is no elevator in the building. No daily change of sheets. No phone. Only two electrical outlets and an early check-out time. Hmmm…

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