It was the strangest thing. I experienced vertigo and a feeling of discomfort this morning. I felt so sick and basically laid in the lab sofa in nausea. Suddenly, the graduate program coordinators came bearing candy for Halloween. I took two pieces and suddenly about 10 minutes later, I felt better. Candy makes life oh so better!

As a result of that miracle, I couldn\’t help but eat candy anytime I found some…

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  1. I was walking on campus yesterday on my way to my car, and people sitting at a table outside Doherty called to me: \”Rick Santorum is scary! Buy some candy!\” So I got 4 pieces of candy for $1.00. It\’s a bit pricey, but if you need a candy fix, and you happen to be outside Doherty Hall – bam, it\’s right there. Or – go to a vending machine. :)

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