Like many other American teenyboppers, I read the Babysitter\’s Club. I never did get a job as a babysitter however.

In that series, I learned that if you wet the bed and needed to go the bathroom, you have diabetes. I also learned about the traumas about family and friends. I also learned that there\’s always a token asian and a token African American in all groups. I learned that anybody from New York City is incredibly trendy and well-groomed. That all cities in the East were just like Stoneybrook, CT. All parents divorce at some point or another. And that people from California are big environmentalists even though I was born in that state. And finally, 11 year old girls and 13 year old girls have enough responsibility to babysit and run their own business (yet not caught by the IRS).

Plus, they always stayed in 6th and 8th grade for years. Yet they had at least 10 different xmases and 5 different thanksgivings.

So when I came across the movie playing free on Comcast on demand. I just had to see it despite the horrible acting involved. It reminded me of the nineties more than how it was like to be 13 years old (not a great time to remember even though now it\’s 10 years ago). The movie is about love, families, struggle as a preteen, and running a business.

I was on my laptop the entire time and used it as background noise.

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  1. Ah… Babysitters Club! I remember those days. My best friend had a plethora of them, passed down from her older siblings, and I would read them whenever I went to her house. Strangely, I don\’t remember anything about the content of the books anymore. I preferred The Boxcar Children more anyway.

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