One of the first songs I ever downloaded was Blur\’s Coffee and TV.

At that time, I was more intrigued with the milk carton running around on tv. I must have thought Blur was a band that sucked, because it wasn\’t like the other pop songs I listened to. It just wasn\’t cool. Like BSB. Like the other top 40 music. Like the eurodance and other techno music back when I wanted to be a raver (ironically, I never actually got the chance to go).

More than six years later. I listened to it again on my powerbook, years after my first desktop crashed and burned. I appreciate the music that is Blur. And the music that I have discovered recently thanks to Andrew Rose\’s PopCast. My appreciation goes out to Out Hud, Parker House and Theory, The Arcade Fire, Caribou, Elliot Smith, Mogwai and the movies that made me love soundtrack music too much. Say hello to my former fascination of the LOTR soundtrack as well as Yann Tierson.

My music tastes have changed and I am not that afraid to find new music. Over the weekend, I went with a few friends to the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty, where I was impressed by the live music and the lounge atmosphere.

I can\’t sing. I can\’t play a musical instrument (well). I have very little sense of rhythm (ask my former piano teacher and people who have seen me dance). Yet, music has the power to capture the greatest essence of life for that moment.

As does anything aurally. Silence has its strengths too. This is why I can be found in the kitchen holding my tea (or hot lemonade) staring outside the window almost if I was watching something. But I am not.

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