Everyday I meet so many different people and I find them all fascinating. They contribute so much to my life. I love that moment where I am introduced to someone..and somehow we find that common thread. A love of food, a love of writing, the arts, the same insecurites, the philosophy.

Only very occasionally do we find that connection that can last un-awkwardly for 10 minutes. When that goes away, we return with flushed cheeks, hoping for more.

I danced today, freeing the stress and the reluctance I have had the past week. The people I danced with, not those with hidden agendas. I felt free, moving back and forth the waves. Relieved. Free movement in the trance room where most people didn\’t venture. I wore my black sweater cardigan trying to hide my splint. A quick lesson of salsa, twirl and turn. It was quick and I wish we had more.

Why do I have to wait for you?

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