\”Do you get sad on valentine\’s day?\” Sam-o asked a few days ago.

To which, I replied \”No.\” Then I added in wistfulness, \”But I may be slightly disappointed this year.\”

Then again, those of us who are single call this holiday a hallmark-created holiday, a foolish idea to sell red velvet hearts, chocolate kisses, and book two-seaters at romantic restaurants. I wish I knew more females in Pittsburgh so that I could do the dinner thing.

I did buy my housemate a Mrs. Fields heart of assorted chocolates. Only because a few weeks ago, she offered me a piece of her Russell Stovers chocolates she left in the living room and I found myself eating one every time I was downstairs, resulting a near-empty box before my housemate finally noticed. I had a sheepish smile on my face.

Warning: if you offer something sweet to this girl, don\’t expect it to be there the following day. I know my teammates remember what happened when one of our clients got us a box of salt water taffy. So good, by the way.

So in the end, perhaps I am happy because tomorrow there will be a huge sale on all things sweet and heart-attacking.

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  1. Hm, your link to the dinner thing doesn\’t work. Anyway, happy V day =D (I\’m too far away to offer you chocolate hearts, aww)

    I have never got a dozen of red roses in my life, but oh well =)

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