What does it mean to be funny?

It\’s always on ideal standards of the SO that he has to make me laugh. My high school gov\’t teacher told us that was very important, because how else would he and his wife survive when they were old and ugly?

Everyone has the talent to be funny online since text is so contrived. My ex once told me that I had the ability to be funny both online and offline. That was almost 6 years ago. And I am sure my seriousness and a splash of jadedness wiped parts of it away.

But what does it mean to be…funny? A lot of people I know make me laugh. I find little things in life amusing–the way someone gets prepared for the winter cold, the way someone talks on the phone, someone\’s fascination with what seems mundane.

For some, humor is to exaggerate something and see that it is not real. It\’s wit. It\’s the retelling of the story that recalls the most idiotic parts. It\’s self-deprecation. We find humor only in contexts where we expect it. Anyone can be funny. It\’s the context that matters.

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