Just rude, inconsiderate people there. So we\’re moving out of our house at the end of May. So yes I did send my 90 day notice a bit early because I didn\’t want to waste a stamp (I was also sending a check for sewage/water). And THUS, they decide it\’s time to show the house this early!

And so last Friday, I get a message on my voicemail along the lines of \”We showed the house today at 3 and [insert an angry tone] we would like to speak to you about the house. Please call us on Monday.\”

I thought about it all weekend about what it could be and concluded it was cleanliness. So I called them on Monday and just as I thought it was. \”I have a 10 year old son and I don\’t understand how you could live like that. I don\’t. It looks like you haven\’t cleaned since you moved in. We\’ll come by this Friday to check whether it has been cleaned.\”

I told them simply that we were graduate students and that we were fine living like this (aka sure my room is slightly a mess, the bathtubs have mildew but all our toilets and sinks are clean because I am anal about that). Yes, there are empty boxes on the back porch and the kitchen/living room has random bags, boxes here and there. But so what!

Excuse me! It was rude and just plain inconsiderate. This is not in our lease that we have to clean up before moving out. Yes, we will try to return the place back in its original condition at the end of the lease. But this is IT.

The nerve. But this isn\’t the only time we have gotten bad service. Anytime I call or go to the Walnut office, the people there rarely greet us with appropriate friendliness. It always seems like we\’re interrupting something important and that we are not smart enough. I remember when I was there, the ladies were just randomly surfing a J. Crew website and asking outloud whether she should buy this shirt or that shirt. It just seems that people there are dissatisfied with their jobs.

At least the maintenance is always good.

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