Yesterday, Jean the grad coordinator of the masters program suddenly said outloud after I told her about my plans for leaving the burgh in May, \”I was trying to think of a way to get you and Sam to stay another semester! Just one semester!\”

I laughed, \”But my leaving has already been delayed. I was supposed to leave in December!\”

And as she went on and on, cheerfully talking to students, I started feeling wistful. When I first came August 2004, I almost wanted to leave. I thought I didn\’t fit in. That I couldn\’t mesh well with this…world. That perhaps the hci program wasn\’t for me. But I have gotten used to it. And by that point, I have to leave.

Turns out I didn\’t bomb the Google interview. Thankfully.

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  1. Jenn, you and I did it just right, y\’know? One year, you get the benefits, but not all the social connections that we get. More than 2 years, and you\’re essentially a lifer. A year and a half is OK, but it\’s really for those pesky wondergrads. =P

    So here\’s to us – the rockin 2-year semi-part-time-but-not-really Masters students that everyone will be sad to see leave!!!

  2. I\’ve been meaning to ask you about the thoughts, conclusions, and advice you could draw from your experience studying HCI.

    How was the interview for Google? A few days ago, my desire to work for Google resurged, but then my concentration isn\’t really related directly to computers… oh well, we\’ll see.

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