Like last year at CHI, I meet a lot of interesting people. Although this year, surprisngly, I reconnected with people I had seen both at Berkeley, CMU and CHI 2005. People who I recognize, but don\’t know why I know them. People I must have stared at, but never talked with.

There was a David from Berkeley who I finally formally introduced myself with. Then several CMU people from non-hci depts like Mike and Rachel. Then I met a lot of people from UW as well as a number of people who worked at Yahoo and Ebay. And people who was also competing in the student design competition. They were cool.

I think I should have met more people from the industry. But hey there was one time I went out to lunch with a few professors from stanford, a guy from NSF and a guy from PARC. So at least I got that in!

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