A reiteration of the things I must do before leaving Pittsburgh – what I have done and what needs to be done.

1. Go to the Shadow Lounge again. Actually sit down and listen to music.
2. Eat brunch at Sunnyledge.
3. Eat brunch at Lidia\’s.
4. Visit the church on Craig/Forbes.
5. Eat at a restaurant at Mt. Washington.
6. Have dinner at Mallorca.
7. Go to the Carnegie Science Center.
8. Try Club Havana. Salsa?
9. Eat at Eleven.
10. Eat at Chaya.
11. Enjoy a walk at Point State Park
12. Go to Phipps and actually experience the botany.
13. Ross Park Mall
14. Steelers game? What?
15. Nationality rooms at the Cathedral of Learning.
16. Cafe at the Frick.
17. Tour the Homewood Cemetery.
18. Visit the Negley tomb in the Allegheny Cemetery.
19. Cross the river on the good ship lollypop?
20. Go into the church in East Liberty.
21. Walk through Station Square.
22. Find fight club at cmu. Try to stay out of harm\’s way.
23. Appreciate the sun on the mall.
24. Stephen Foster Memorial and cabin.
25. Eat a cookie at Prantil\’s.
26. Pig\’s hill?
27. Go to Kennywood.
28. Have a moment from the view at Mt. Washington.
29. Be posh at the Red Room.
30. Take a walk in Regent Square
31. Eat wings at the wing zone.
32. Be a carnivore at the Pittsburgh Steak Company.
33. Breakfast at a riverside hotel. Like the Sheraton or the Hilton.
34. Dine at the Cafe Du Jour.
35. Satisfy my sweet tooth at El Dolce. Turned out it didn\’t exist, but I went inside crazy mocha for the first time!
36. See a movie at Harris Theater. (the Silk Screen film festival!)
Added recently
37. The places I didn\’t visit during my self-created ice cream tour. Like Handel\’s Ice Cream and Page\’s Dairy Mart
38. Frick Park
39. Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
40. Drop by the Craft Factory apparently, not possible!
41. One date
42. Peruse Fort Pitt Museum
43. Gobble a sandwich at Tram\’s Kitchen
44. Start a morning at Square Cafe
45. Feast on 150 slice pizza at Mama Lena\’s
46. Visit what used to be Sanctuary
47. Experience the Cambod-ican Kitchen
48. Kill my wallet at that french restaurant on Murray – La Provence
49. Get a haircut in Pittsburgh I got Salon service at least
50. See a play at CMU
51. The vegetarian Indian restaurant near Monroeville
52. Dine at A Taste of Art (a training ground for high end restaurant work)
53. Reluctantly try Tasty\’s
54. Partake of Cafe Zinho
55. Casual business lunch downtown
56. Chow down at Kazansky\’s Deli
57. Roll down that hill in a trash can (someone suggested this to me)
58. Try a Yuengling
59. Experience the Regina Miller Gallery
60. See an entire (student) performance at the CFA
61. Eat kosher food at Milky Way
62. Touch the water of the three rivers in Pittsburgh
63. Indica Bistro
64. Break my wallet again at Casbah
65. Experience Halo Lounge during the day
66. That only Polish Restaurant in Little Italy
67. Wildwood. By Lily\’s suggestion!
68. Attend a wonderful screening of TBA
69. Visit the Frame
70. Spend money at a local Pittsburgh boutique
71. Dawdle at 1889 Cafe
72. D\’s Six Packs and Dogs
73. De Lucca\’s
74. Underground tour of CMU
75. Indiana, PA?
76. Roland\’s Seafood
77. Stand on the balcony of CFA or Margaret Morrison
78. Ibiza
79. La Casa on Ellsworth
80. Do it the Pittsburgh Rare way
81. Run through the train tunnel near CMU
82. Leave with no regrets

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  1. Jenn, I think you could eat nonstop until you leave and not finish all of the restaurants on that list. You\’re eyes are always bigger than your stomach!!!

    Anyway, you should make a restaurant tour schedule, and send it to those loyal to your binging ways. Let people sign up, and then you can be guaranteed to get to all those places. Except when my parents are here, I\’m down with just about anything.

  2. I have never been more jealous of someone living in Pittsburgh. I really miss all of those places! Think of me while doing number 54.

  3. 53 – you should try ka mei in squirrel hill, that\’s where the old owners of tasty\’s moved to.

  4. You\’ve been at grad school there for all this time and you\’ve never gotten your hair cut there!?

  5. Yeah… I\’d just like to say that I helped Jenn with #25 and #53… and boy was it reluctant. KC… why didn\’t I read your comment earlier about going to Ka Mei instead!!!

  6. Didn\’t you already do #64? I could have sworn we did it last winter. I think you were there with Carol.

  7. .Send me an email and ill send you a discount coupon for 2 to brunch at Sunnyledge. Long Live the Pulik!

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