I now know for a fact that people just don\’t read. See that sms box over there to the right? The one with smilie faces? Like everyone, people tend to press the :( although it says so specifically above that :( means reset and :) means send. Now why would I be unhappy to receive your msg? Perhaps it\’s not intuitive, but yes that\’s what my ex-boyfriend coded for me so that I could sms him without opening my browser.

Oh and I receieved an anonymous sms early this evening. I think that eventually I\’ll have to decrease the character limit just so that I can send the ip address with the msg. I have enabled me43.com again, so you can send msgs through that little box again. ;)

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  1. how silly…. of course the smiley is to send.. i smile real big every time i press it! :D SMILEY!!!

  2. maybe people are sad that they have to send you an sms because they would muchrather talk to you in person.

  3. Just like the person who sent me, \”Msg from meeee: hey Jen i was wonderin if doreen was there? aka…sis… ???\”

    Great. Thanks for not telling me who you are. Here\’s my response: \”YES SHE\’S HERE. I GRANT YOU PERMISSION TO HAVE HER FOR DINNER.\”

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