Ever since coming back to the Bay Area, I have…

  • visited the Berkeley Rose Garden for the first time (with Jack and Lily)
  • partially unpacked my boxes and luggage (a mess of band-aids, papers and books is still downstairs)
  • rediscovered the ring I lost over and over again I originally got in Pittsburgh, wearing it on my left middle finger
  • had multiple doctor appointments
  • realized that I have a fantastic memory for remembering all these appointments
  • ate ribs at Evervett Jones with Lulu
  • will get a Southwest Rapid Rewards ticket soon!
  • rented a car for the first time and also felt embarrassed about not knowing how the process worked (the lady at the counter was speaking so fast!)
  • played with a GPS device included with the rental for the first time–better than the one Ben has…
  • speaking of which, I caught up with the other Ben, Benjamin Bunny, after being out of touch for almost two years
  • met E finally in PERSON after being delayed and delayed in true California fashionably late style
  • met up with Shinelun, Mr. Shiny, again
  • actually let SHINELUN swipe the bill. tsk tsk
  • seen E terrorize Shinelun for eating sour oranges despite a \”perceived reluctance\”
  • have seen Shinelun not flinch to such attacks–he is a strong boy
  • enjoyed the suburbia of LA county…to a certain extent
  • did not experience traffic!!!
  • found fantastic tea places and cupcakes in Claremont
  • bought gas at $3.17/gallon thanks to the NeverLost GPS system…woo!
  • received multiple e-mails for phone interviews — some for positions I want, some not, some in bad locations, some in great locations
  • nearly all-day on-site interview — it was incredibly not stressful, but I wonder if it was because I had taken a Dayquil…
  • bought a $3 strawberry buttercream cupcake in Claremont which I ate in a record 2 minutes
  • chatted up with some guys on the LaRoche campaign and told them honestly that I was not interested in their cause, gave them $5 and they sang me a song
  • stole wireless broadband from Starbucks
  • nagged by parents, but hey that\’s \”home\”
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    1. oh yeah, i got sleepy toward the end of my list. i am getting to a point of my blogging career where i start wondering how much i should share.

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