Due to some unforseen circumstances, I wasn\’t able to keep up my normal blogging routine for the last few days. And also due to Stacee\’s comparision of my lack of entries to my sister\’s bountiful entries.

And this line was very intriguing: I knew some shrooms were poisonous, but didn\’t realize this one was too.

Did you read that Shroom, did you?!

Highlights of the last few days
– discovered that Herb has pink and flowered sheets
– Herb has a big house
– Herb has a puny backyard just like mine
– Yes, it\’s true: Fry\’s salespeople are all immigrants who speak English as a second language
– visit Rob who I hadn\’t seen since July
– see Ice Age, which could have been better
– Herb has pink, ruddy cheeks just like some \’shrooms
– did not even touch my Electrical Engineering textbook at all
– say hello to John and say goodbye to John
– learning that the past doesn\’t always have to repeat itself
– learning that Christina was changing servers for oceansky.org
– realizing that all my files were lost
– Herb lost my Outlook files
– grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
– Fry\’s does not accept American Express
– if you don\’t know what to do, then RTFM
– leave for the airport, especially Oakland Airport, three hours ahead of time even though your flight is 6:30 in the morning
– Herman the brother likes to check up on his little brother quite often
– rush hour occurs around 3 pm on weekdays on 680. be sure to bring a friend for the carpool lane and a Jimmy Eat World CD
– the Harry Potter series is intriguing
– my sis is a scary person
– Eddie is dumb

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