I have more than eight different passwords I use every day. Usually consisting of an illogical string of numbers and letters. Every so often, I get to the login page and can\’t remember the password. I would try everything. The one that I got from a song? The one from a dictionary? The one with a swear word? The one tainted with geekiness?

Then about 6 or 7 hours later, I would suddenly remember.

A true mind burp.

Then it makes me wonder, would I be carrying these passwords to the grave? Or better yet, what would happen if I suddenly didn\’t have a great memory as I do now?

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  1. I\’m still using my randomly-generated password from freshman year\’s computer class which resembles something like g%h!k{nm2 (of course, that\’s not my real password)

    another password I have is the initials of all the girls I liked in high school stringed together.

  2. i tend to make most of my passwords the same, which may be a bad idea – i dunno. but in any case, i can\’t think of 8 things i log into daily that require my password! 2 emails, blackboard (same as my CMU email tho) and sometimes my blog. i guess facebook once in a while.

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