Cameras and me

My first digital camera, a Canon Powershot s30, lasted me for more than 3 years until I magically lost it in Pittsburgh. It wasn’t that heartbreaking then because I wanted to get a new one anyway. Yet, I stills succumbed to my love of the powershot brick (the more expensive models of the compact Canons) and got a s60.

Of course, what happens in those moments of regret, accidents happen. A week after I got it, I fell and scratched my camera badly, but it worked. Then 2 weeks ago, my lunch spilled all over it, and now alas, gone! And now it won’t work. Just over a year.

Now I am in the market again for a new digital camera. Canon doesn’t make the sXX series anymore. An elph? The IS series? The sdXX series? The IXUS? Or switch to another brand? Fuji? Nikon? Or a DSLR? Oh gizmodo, help me find my new shiny toy!

2 thoughts on “Cameras and me

  1. You can’t beat getting a DSLR. We just got the Nikon D50 and I am in love with it. But if you want something more compact, I would recommend the Canon SD series. I’m not sure which fits your budget, but I have the SD450 and I love it. It’s really little and easy to use. It’s not DSLR but it’s good for a point-and-shoot.

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