How to stare at people without them noticing

Tip #1 Wear sunglasses.

Tinted ones are best (obviously). Some people are better at noticing stares than others. And facial direction is the best hint. Turn your face away from target but keep your eyes on the target

4 thoughts on “How to stare at people without them noticing

  1. Yeah, it is creepy. If you’re going to stare, stare outright!! Eye contact is important. It’s a way of flirting – I like you enough to look at you, and you like me enough to look back. If the gaze is kept longer than an instant, smile. If the smile is returned, walk up and say hello. You never know what could happen!

  2. (PS… Tip #2: Use Your Periferal Vision. Stare at something meaningful near or beyond them, and watch them in your periferal vision. The benefits are that (1) they won’t think you’re starting at them, and (2) you can judge whether they are interested in you by how long they stare at you thinking you’re staring at them.)

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