I don’t mean to discriminate against tall people

Tonight during the Massive Attack and Dj Shadow concert, I somehow ended behind a nearly 7 foot fan. He swayed to the music, clasping two beer bottles in hand. Sang along (with the songs that you can). And yelled when needed.

I am usually good at moving around at a concert (especially on the floor), but somehow I couldn’t tonight. And for a good portion, he was blocking my view of the stage. With his elbows almost jabbing into my face.

But bottom line. It is sad for these people who are not wanted in stage shows. The kind who are not wanted in front row. Are they discriminated against to be told to sit down because by standing, they’re blocking people? They must have trouble finding beds to fit them. And more difficulty finding airplane seats, bus rows, and cars that fit their long legs. I used to call anybody significantly short as vertically challenged. Are tall people also vertically challenged?

Despite that. It was a great show. Although I could have caught them at the Love Parade. But hey, laziness and I wanted to experience the glory of the Greek Theatre once more.

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