Things this week I didn’t think I would do

Importantly, I am spending a lot of money this week mostly as an act of defiance since I would rather be paying $1500 in rent each month. I mean, what can I do with an extra $1500?

First off. I spent $300+ on 3 pieces of clothing. I had spent 3 hours in the store trying on clothes while a friend kept bringing new pieces. I had been intending to redress myself so I could look more designer-like. However, I faltered and went back to my conservative style. I hate shopping. I woke up the following morning, wanting to return everything.

Secondly. I spent $$$ on shoes. Almost $190 on wedges, but that made me see the flats as cheaper. $90.

Thirdly, I participated in a dragonboat race. Somewhat against my will, but hey I am always up for trying new things. I was a spectator at the dragonboat races at Treasure Island Sunday. But my friend convinced me to participate in the volunteer apprecication race (but I wasn’t a volunteer). More than 10 years ago, I had a bad experience river rafting, but I decided what could go wrong. Nothing did. I loved being close to the water, but barely could paddle. I end up making some weak strokes as we did the 500 yards. My friend is sore. I am not.

Fourth. I took my parents out to brunch. I didn’t see that one coming, but I was feeling angsty this week about the whole notmovingtosanfrancisco deal. But was trying to reconcile myself with the situation.

Fifth. I saw Massive Attack and DJ Shadow live. Expensive ticket. I didn’t think I would do that.

No regrets? Oh definitely not. I bought tickets to Seattle finally. And a ticket to the cal football game against UCLA in November.

2 thoughts on “Things this week I didn’t think I would do

  1. 1500 extra/month?

    New laptops, new servers, massive bandwidth…

    you get where I’m going with this right?

    No where :(

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