The worst time waster

The worst way to waste time is waiting.

Besides waiting for people, waiting for the bus/subway/ferry/etc. is a significant part of my time. According to a study (and a billboard I saw somewhere), the average wait for public transportation is 12.5 minutes. In 12.5 minutes, I can run a mile (yes, I would be slow). I could spend $500+ in Best Buy. I can crank out 10 wireframes. I can do a quick usability test.

But another time-waster? Being put on hold. Sure loudspeakers and microphone have helped us become unattached from a phone one-handedness, but it’s not enough. Well that and talking to tech support when all I want is them to return my product or give me free service. Yesterday night, I spent 2+ hours talking to three technicians (2 of which were obviously outsourced from India) convincing them that yes, I know how to use my computer and it doesn’t connect! But patience is a virtue in these parts.

1 thought on “The worst time waster

  1. no, the biggest time waster is sleeping.

    followed by series of tubes.

    the teen years must be up there somewhere, too.

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