Phone calls and lists

Phone calls in order of increasing anxiety
10. Tech support
9. Parents. The I did something very bad and need your help type.
8. Scheduling doctor appointments
7. Trying to overcome language barriers
6. Phone interviews
5. That unexpected call at 4 am
4. Apartment management companies. At least when I rented from Walnut Capital.
3. Calling someone I don’t know well to…hang out because they don’t do aim.
2. Restaurants for food delivery. Every time I do it, the other party gets irritated because I don’t speak clearly and/or loudly.
1. Insurance companies

Telemarketers fit there somewhere, but when was the last time I experienced one? Right.

There is a reason I love the automated systems. That is, if I get my question gets answered. I <3 511. But my favorite calls in random order 1. Birthday wishes (me to you) 2. "I have arrived. Where are you?" Goal-directed. 3. The unexpected call from a friend to say hello 4. The unexpected call to hang out spontaneously 5. "FREE FOOD"

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