Oh dvd player, arise.

On my flights back and forth from Pittsburgh, I often watched 24 to pass the hours spent in a cramped airplane and airports. And by sudden chance (thanks to Taiche), I finally got a chance to see season 5. The one season I resisted sitting in front of the tv every Monday night. My roommate then watched it. And I admit once that I sat down at the stairs, letting the overtness, unreality of 24 wash over me. That oh yes, I can be just like Jack Bauer.

But to my dismay, my cd drive on both my powerbook and my macbook pro don’t work. What to do now with this potential nearly 24 hours of Jack Bauer-ness?

Oh that was a hint. I really just want to learn so much more

1 thought on “Oh dvd player, arise.

  1. It’s time to tell Steve Jobs to put together decent hardware!
    Not just decent looking hardware.
    To go with the software.
    Then watch 24.
    All of it.
    K, bye.

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