Wedding invitations

Today during commercial breaks of 24, my friend and I discussed his upcoming invitation list for his wedding and the difficulty of narrowing down those who matter.

How do you do that? From year to year, you meet different people. There are some you consider close and some you don’t. And then they change the following years. Who stays in your life and who doesn’t? Especially when each invitation is $10 each.

I am a list-maker. I tried to make a list of 365 people who influenced me, but found it difficult to list 365 people. But to limit to 150 people (including their possible +1)…is that possible to share a momentous occasion?

2 thoughts on “Wedding invitations

  1. They’re only inviting 150 people total? I think that would be tough because the parents always want to invite all of their friends too. After you consider family and extended family and friends of family… I’d be over halfway there already!

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