Race of the chairs

I never thought I would be involved in chair racing again. Of $600 Aeron chairs. But how can anyone avoid hardwood floors and chairs with wheels?

Note: I am too old (and broken) to actually chair race myself.

The last time I did was almost 3 years ago in a newly built university building. The janitors were taking their nightly 1 am break. I was there as part of a late-night attempt to save the computing centers’ servers. Someone suddenly had the idea. For whatever foolish reason, I also joined and sat myself in a chair. We raced through the empty hallways past the cubicles, winding in a circle ending in the break room. Exhilarating. The chairs had served their purpose.

3 thoughts on “Race of the chairs

  1. After all my time in CMU, I never got to take a wheelie chair down the incline in Baker Hall. One of my big regrets! When you go back to Pittsburgh, you should do it for me. :)

  2. Haha. I’ve never chair-raced myself but we always talked about it, those late nights in Cory. Only we wanted to take an office chair down Hearst. >.

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