Bike for less

Ever since I realized that it will take 15 minutes to get to work biking vs. a 40 minute bus ride, I have been on a journey to reduce my commute. For the past week, I have been jealous of those bike commuters. The ones with a messenger bags (chrome, timbuk2…) strapped over their bike. And the bike gangs that appear here and there. I watched even as adults rode bmx bikes, crouched in a fetal position pedaling across the street.

Today, I walked into Performance Bike and walked out with approximately $80 worth of gear. Then, I went home and put the air back into my bike’s tires. And finally, I decided to give it a test ride in the garage. A short 10 feet.

Turns out I have forgotten how to ride a bicycle. It was an experience teetering back and forth. Nearly crashing into my roommate’s car multiple times. But when I return Monday, I shall attempt it again

5 thoughts on “Bike for less

  1. How difficult inside of a garage though. Yes, it will be awkward and wobbly but you need enough space to gain momentum. Isn’t there a bike trail where you could take your bike, then practice with more space?

  2. “adults rode bmx bikes, crouched in a fetal position pedaling across the street.”


    Seriously though, no one forgets how to ride a bike. It is humanly impossible. First of all, the limited space of a garage is a very bad place to practice. Such a small place will inevitably make you wobble and fall. Second, it’s all about confidence. Just remember that it’s a piece of cake and just walk out to the middle of one of those steep SF hills and go for it!

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