When I am 25…

A friend said that when he turned 25, he figured out who his true friends were. The ones who would stay for awhile.

Which is interesting.

Being a bit oversensitive, I have always struggled with this definition. With a history of burning bridges and ease of making new bridges, what is it then? A former friend once said she would be there for anyone if they asked for help. But in reality, most people are too humble to ask for help. I would rather flounder and drown than to ask for help even at my weakest. And perhaps then a friend has the responsibilty to sense the drowning and not assume all is ok when one says “I am fine” when there are sounds of gasps of air.

“Be there” from me comes out passively as “Can you come?” And despite the passive aggression, I just don’t want to intrude or be an inconvenience. Because in some sense, I don’t need you to be there. I just want you to be there. And in this society, we can’t make requests for wants.

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