I don\’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Yesterday, I received nearly 10 e-mails from the Circle K mailing list with the same subject heading – \”New photos from my party!\”. My first thought was how dumb was it to have someone send an e-mail to a mailing list like that. Who would be so self-centered do such a thing? Evidently, I thought someone was. However, I scanned down the list and noticed an e-mail indicating that the earlier e-mails had a worm/trojan horse attached.

Sad, really sad. That means the people who sent the e-mails had the circle mailing list in their address book (why would anybody do that?) and had opened an e-mail with the worm. Sad.

Okay, then it was sadder when I received four e-mails from my sister with the worm. Sad.

But the worst part was she didn\’t even know she got infected.

If you\’re looking for more information, go here.

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  1. help….yes…poorr me….too gullllible… thought photos were from my friend terry who took a picture last thursday at the i-house party…..gah!!!! :p how come you didn\’t talk about puffie eye? ;( o;O

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