There was once when you said I was greedy

“Don’t be so greedy,” he said after I choked from trying to eat a handful of chocolate-covered strawberry gummies that were so so so good.

I started feeling guilty. Was it greedy to take a handful of candy? If I see a big bowl of m&ms, sometimes I can’t help but take a handful to eat it all. A bag of sour candy is guaranteed to be gone in 10 minutes even when I try to pace myself. And worse when I have jelly belly beans, I sometimes don’t take my time savoring each bean and rather just put them together—a grape pear cherry chocolate banana popcorn coffee root beer cream soda peanut butter coconut tutti frutti sandwich.

After I recovered (and had experience the satisfaction that only chocolate-covered strawberry gummies can bring), I said, “You can’t say that when I see you gulping a bagel down in less than 3 minutes.”

Then in a moment of enlightenment, I added, “You ate half of the tube the last time you bought one of these for me!”

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