It’s an ashen sky

“I am ok,” my sister imed me a few days ago.

She’s in Fullerton, fortunately far from fires. And in some way, it’s almost better that she’s just renting…that her home is temporary and not her only place.

Is it worse to have been robbed/looted/ruined by a third party or a natural disaster ruin your home?

For the latter at least, you usually have the chance (if incoming) to get your valuable things. What would you take if you had five minutes? If you had thirty minutes? If you had 5 hours? If you had a car? If you could only walk?

Of the most precious item I have now with me is my laptop and my external drive. Most of my important things are online. Then the books I have scribbled and written in. Then the photos that I have lost digital copies of. And then my bag of memorabilia of things I have done. A drawing a friend did for me. My case with important documents. Emergency first aid.

Then comes the things I would stuff the car with: my blanket, my clothes, my pillow, my favorite books, my angela adams rug, my shoes, my dvds, my CDs, my ice cream scooper, my can opener, my favorite glass mug, the mug my sister gave me for my birthday, my collection of teas, my ottoman, my spindles of CDs, and my Office Space stapler…

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