To Stir Up Emotions

When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer. As I grew up, a screenwriter. A director.

It’s the work that I wanted to do…to inspire someone to think about the world differently. That perhaps they came in thinking one way and when they walk out, it’s different. Or that they felt something deeper inside.

But I ended up being a user experience designer. Not to stir up emotions or inspire, but rather to make life more pleasant and easy, subtlely.

Today, I saw Heebok Lee’s work Tread Softly and it reminded me of the excitement of creation to stir emotion in somebody.

Like titles of the movie…perhaps it’s words and motions in one. You remember what you felt when you wrote it. And when you put visuals on it, it becomes an entirely different beast. But with the same colors and the same textures. And the same emotion.

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