A turkey lacking

This year, my mom decided to hold the thanksgiving dinner at my grandfather’s house since he is getting old…and forgoing the dinner at Peony.

My sister and I were enthuastic initially because our family has never had a real Thanksgiving dinner. But our mom wanted to take charge even though she wasn’t going to be present. She gave us the responsibilites of being in charge of the salad and the dessert. But she refused to let us take responsibility of the turkey and the sides.

Regardless, we suggested a green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and cornbread stuffing.

And unfortunately, we got the Chinese version of those sides…and forgot to bring the turkey. The half turkey that we left at my parents’ house. In the oven. Fortunately in the off position.

So we ate the dinner. With Chinese sticky rice, my mom’s version of green bean casserole (that actually didn’t have any green beans), and a peppery tri-tip. In the “dining room” on a formal dining table.

Then my sister and I gave in to go a friend’s place in San Francisco where we had the real food on paper plates while sitting on the floor. Both un-american and american all in one night!

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