We match, I wanted to say.

It was a lonely Friday afternoon. With no lunch packed, I was ready to go out to lunch with coworkers. Unfortunately most of them were busy with their projects and were just going to pick up a sandwich.

I missed the lunch crowd, so I went around 12:55 pm, jumping on the elevator as it passed our floor.

With my leather jacket. A wallet in one pocket and my cellphone in the other. I wandered west looking for a quick sit-down restaurant. If I was to have lunch served to me, I wanted to be treated…semi-well.

I found an Indian place, but the entrees were $10+. Not something I could enjoy in less than one hour. Eventually I ended up at Siam Noodle in Parc 55 hotel.

I put one finger up as I walked in. One, please. The lady server gestured to the bar and I made my way there sitting in the middle, one seat as a buffer to the next party.

I was scanning the menu when another girl sat next to me. She too wore a black leather jacket. Asian. Straight dark hair as long as mine. Hers was slightly highlighted and only noticeable from a certain angle. Somewhat petite like me. She was eating lunch by herself. The same kind of “trendy” casual that I wore to work every day. The server came to me and I said “the beef stew noodle soup with flat rice noodle”. She asked for my drinks and I said “water, please”. She picked up my menu and went to give a menu to the girl. The girl motioned the menu away asking for a number on the menu.

As we waited, I started playing with my cellphone. Checking and reading old txt msgs. Checking my email. I snuck a peek at the girl next to me. She too was immersed in her cellphone even though she had brought a book.

A mere moment later, the server came back with our orders. She placed a noodle soup in front of me and too placed a soup in front of the girl. We began eating. After 5 minutes or so, like with all hot soups, my nose started lightly running and I sniffled. I thought about the day ahead and the incoming weekend. Then I peered to my left again. She too was sniffling, dabbing her nose with the paper napkin…and stared straight ahead.

Then a few moments later, the server came back with my water…and the girl’s water, apologizing profusely for the wait for our drinks. We both took silent sips and continued eating. Almost in synchronization.

Later when I told Chris this, he stopped me before I finished the story.

He exclaimed, “Please tell me that you talked to her!!!!!!!!”

Uh well, I didn’t. I paid my bill and walked out. Mostly because I didn’t know what to say. We match, I wanted to say, but would it have led to an awkward moment or a shake of hands exchanging our names…and wow, you’re so cool?

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