Things I learned on my trip to NYC and Pittsburgh

  • I really do love food in Pittsburgh
  • Eating Pittsburgh rare patty is like eating rare ground beef!
  • Don’t sit outside in the Pittsburgh summer in the dark especially if you’re me. You can get bitten many times
  • Use ice to decrease swelling from a bug bite
  • If you’re me, you really don’t need to go see the doctor every time you get a bug bite that swells up the entire foot
  • People really do remember me at CMU even though I don’t remember them
  • Expensive, trendy haircuts equals more expensive everyday maintenance
  • A sandwich with apples and cheese can be quite greasy (Autumn Sampler at the place formerly known as Craig Street Cafe now known as Eat Unique
  • Must remember to take advantage of no tax on clothing in PA
  • Kaufmanns has been purchased by Macys
  • Some things never change in Pittsburgh like helpful guy in the regular member line at Enterprise
  • Pittsburgh has a huge market for calendars with bikini models with tattoos
  • Pittsburgh model photographers are not sleazy at all. In fact, they are incredibly nice and welcome the fellow spectator
  • When packing, don’t forget medication that you take everyday
  • One thing I don’t like about the East Coast is the weather, particularly the humidty
  • I do love California summers, especially San Francisco summer
  • MarketNYCis worth it, especially designers like Sohung
  • Yelling “The prodigal son is here” and holding Toad up when arriving to the Nintendo store will elicit chuckles and claps from knowing employees, but not from anyone else
  • Umbrellas are useful when it rains
  • When you need an umbrella, look for one that is dropped in the subway station stairs
  • Airtrain doesn’t go very far but it costs $5 just to get to the subway and you have to pay an additional $2 to get on the subway
  • That’s pricier than the amount I pay to take the BART from the station closest to my apartment in SF to the airport
  • Native east coast people don’t leave baseball games stay until the last inning
  • If you want a souvenir cup from a baseball park, wait until most people have left. Someone always leaves something behind.
  • Columbia is not in Harlem according to Columbia students
  • Don’t go to NYC when it’s hot and humid.
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