I want what she has

“How did you get that plate?” I asked a girl in a white business suit—whose attire almost didn’t fit in the casual dress code of the tech event.

She smiled and said that she was always looking for caterers for dinner parties. “The caterer got me a special plate.”

My friend and I paused, nodding. Then she stuck her hand out, “I am Alyssa.” We both shook her hand, introducing ourselves.

She told us what she did. She was a partner and had the ability to work anywhere in the world. “I was just in Morocco two weeks ago. All I need is an Internet connection. I basically can take 6 weeks anywhere I want.”

I suddenly had stars in my eyes—fantasized with the job. She continued with all the exotic locations. We had more small talk. Then during a lull in the conversation, she suddenly said, “I am going to get a drink. It was good meeting with you.”

My friend turned to me quietly, “She was so full of it.”

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  1. Hello, I like your blog a lot. However, I haven’t managed to add it to my RSS feed, so I have to check each day, to see if you have any new posts up. Does anybody else have problems like this with their RSS feed?

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