Relaxing isn’t for the active

I am a planner. I get cabin fever easily. I hate feeling like I am missing something (good). I want to come back with a story.

And so that’s my idea of a trip to an exotic destination. Never in my plan would there be days of unplanned activities or days…of nothing. Every day must have a purpose to exploit anything available. I wouldn’t want to put myself in a position of you missed something totally awesome.

Unfortunately, most people are not like me. A vacation is a vacation. It’s relaxation. Vacation to me is time spent away from the every day—the moments where I can revel in what I enjoy doing whether it’s exercising my strengths and desires.

Plan. Execute. Completion.

Ever since taking the improv class, I have regrets of…I could be doing this and that. A coworker observed once how many extracurriculars I have. But it’s not entirely true. I want to do everything and commit to a little. Because there’s the yearning to always be active.

What do you do on Thursdays? Dinners with friends. Freelancing. Book-reading. Cooking. Talks and lectures. Flash mobs. Tutoring. Other social events.

Another strength I had from strengthfinder is responsibility. I have trouble saying no. And when I say yes, I will do it because I said I would. Promises aren’t meant to be broken.

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